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TLJ KR Saber Clip

TLJ KR Saber Clip

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Version 1.0 Kylo Ren TLJ saber clip.

This version is based on the marketing and release images of Kylo Ren's TLJ lightsaber clip attachment.
It is smaller with no lugs and a taller track, and is still 100% compatible with TFA clips.
The saber side design remains unchanged also.

The clip can be purchased on its own, or with a bundled spring clip for attachment to a saber so that you can clip that saber on and off your belt exactly how it works on-screen!

There are TWO sizes of spring kits available to purchase with this saber clip. They have varied hole spacings please choose your option carefully:

Dimensions & Details:

- 72mm x 40mm
- Drop-in Upgrade path from PHProps TLJ Clip
- Full compatibility maintained with my V1/V2 (TFA) Saber Clip System (same saber side clip)


x1 Base Plate
x1 T-Slot Track
x4 9mm Black Rivets
x4 M3 x Various lengths for clip assembly
X2 M3 Nuts
X2 M3 Washer

Note: This clip is designed for 4.5 Inch belts.

- Further Picture of Parts:
- Fitting Instructions:
- Conversion guide for fitting to an FX Saber

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