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The Heiress

The Heiress

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Our CNC Bo Katan and Koska Reeves belt accessories set has been carefully researched and produced using high-grade materials. Functional side-buckles and pieces made from stainless steel and aluminium make great additions to any Mandalorian costume!

Our kit includes:

  • x4 Hip Hangers or (x2 for koska)
  • x1 Front Buckle
  • x2 Aluminium Hip Buckles

Hip Plate Hangers (x4)

The set four (Bo Katan) hip hangers are made from stainless steel and aluminium to provide a fully functional, screen-accurate and highly durable accessory. They are designed to take a leather strip 1.75" wide and Chicago screw fixtures are provided.

Hip Buckles (x2)

These two hip buckles are fully functional side buckles accurate to the originals seen on screen. They feature a CNC-bent aluminium cover plate riveted securely onto the body of the buckle. They are designed to take a leather strap 1.5" wide.

Front Buckle V2

NEW for V2 - the right side of the buckle is now a tough but flexible shore 85A Rubber and will conform to your shape, we have also updated the details to further improve the offering based on research at Star Wars Celebration 2022.

The front buckle is the centrepiece of this set. It is a 12-piece assembly consisting of CNC aluminium, vacuum cast rubber and quality fixings, secured with high tensile steel M3 countersunk screws.

The finished article will arrive fully assembled and featuring the copper-silver rectangle painted in automotive grade paint. 

The left side is a laminated aluminium construction like the original and the wider band is single-part flexible black rubber. It is designed to take a leather strap 1.5" wide, the right side of the strap tapers before entering so the opening is 6mm (1/4) narrower.

Just like the screen-used buckle, the front buckle is static and the side buckles are used for opening and closing while worn.

As with all of our bundles, you save 10% compared to buying components seperately!

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Customer Reviews

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Diana Hartke
Absolutely fantastic

Top quality and highly detailed. I am absolutely excited. This will be one of the highlights of my costume. Thank you!