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The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger

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Our "Gunslinger" accessories kit is perfect for costumers looking to portray our favourite bounty hunter in blue - Cad Bane. This 77pc kit will elevate your costume to elite bounty hunter levels, so you are ready to take on the galaxy!

All elements are accurately designed to our signature level of detail from high grade durable materials. We have also secured a manufacturing lot of Original Austria Alpin Nautic Buckles - as used on the original costume - so we can also offer screen-used components economically as part of the kit.

As with all of our bundles, we're offering 10% off compared to buying the parts separately!


  • Front Buckle & Mounting Screws (Anodized Silver Aluminium)
  • 4-Way Rear Buckle (Black Anodized Aluminium)
  • x2 Original Austria Alpin Nautic Buckles (INOX Stainless Steel)
  • x70 Cartridges (Beige ABS  - Painted matte silver)
    • Cartridges include a 2.5mm dia. hole for easy mounting during painting on the lower tip
    • 13 Cartridges are for the waist belt
    • 27 Cartridges for each boot strap
    • 3 Cartridges for spares, just in case!


  • The cylinders are 83.5mm tall and 13mm in diameter, designed for a 1.25" loop on a 2.85" belt (tapering down to 2")
  • The buckle is designed for a 1.9-2" belt mounted with 2 x M4 screws, the loop straps are 1.5"
  • The Rear Buckle is designed for a 1.9-2" belt, the loop straps are 1.5"


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