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Due to popular demand, our full range of currently-available stickers can now be purchased!

We began adding small stickers as an extra token of thanks to all of our orders earlier this year, so these little babies are usually freebies - a circular metallic JJ Industries Logo sticker and one randomly selected small sticker are added to each order during packing.

But loads of you have been asking us how you can get your hands on additional stickers, or some of our other designs.

We created this listing to help folks round out their JJ Industries sticker collection. We're still adding our thankyou packs in all of our orders! But now you can order as many of each available design to your hearts content, or order a bunch of them separately!

They're great for kit boxes and as swag to hand out at troops. We'd love to see where our stickers end up, so tag us in any photos you might share online!

Small Stickers:

  • Mando Riding Blurrg - A matte-finish vinyl sticker featuring the JJ Industries logo and Short Supply's logo (the artist!), this one has been popular. As seen on Adam Savage's TESTED video of our Beskar spear!
  • Bo Katan - A matte-finish vinyl sticker featuring the JJ Industries logo on the pauldron.
  • Boba Fett - A matte-finish vinyl sticker featuring the JJ Industries logo on the pauldron.
  • The Wait - A rectangular mirror-chrome finish sticker featuring artwork by of Mando in the rain.
  • JJ Industries Logo - A circular mirror-chrome finish sticker of our logo!
  • Boba Fett Smackdown - A gloss-finish vinyl sticker featuring Boba Fett as seen in BOBF, laying the smackdown! Featuring the JJ Industries logo to the side.


Large Stickers (approx 8x8cm):

  • Mando Riding Blurrg - An artwork-only (no logos) larger size of this design in gloss-finish vinyl of Mando riding the blurrg!
  • This Is The Way - A gloss-finish vinyl design featuring the Mando and his well-known catchprase.
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