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Sith Eternal Coin

Sith Eternal Coin

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Our full metal Sith Eternal collectible coin features the mysterious symbol used by both the Final Order and Sith Cultists such as Ochi of Bestoon.
The front of the coin is inscribed with the ancient Sith runic language Ur-Kittat and features the prophecy of Darth Sidious;
 "Isaiwinokka, Hoyakuts, Itharii Exegol, Eternal One."
Roughly translated meaning:
 "Reanimated dead, Sith Overlord, Exegol Eternal One"  
The Rear features a well known Sith saying; "An individual may die but the sith are eternal!"

The coins make great gifts, for others or for yourself!
  •  50mm (2")
  • Solid Metal
  • Black Enamel Detailing
  • Provided with protective sleeve


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Sith Eternal Coin

Another fantastic coin! Great design and detail, excellent quality.