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Mandalorian Knee (Rubber)

Mandalorian Knee (Rubber)

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In partnership with Heatshock Props and Great Ape Studio we present the Mandalorian Knee Armour made from urethane rubber. Perfect for both Mandalorian and Death Watch Mandalorian costumes, hard-wearing, flexible while durable and highly screen accurate!

The knee is produced in durable Shore 85 A rubber (shoe heel equivalent) and will fit a knee between 10-15cm with ease.
Due to the fact the piece is produced in flexible rubber, the overall scale has less impact as the shape conforms to your knee.

The base files provided by Great Ape Studio have been scaled to 115% but as mentioned due to the flexible nature scale is much less an issue when worn. We made a slight adjustment to the master file before molding to remove the screws from the rear plate as research revealed they were only present on one display costume and not the costume we see on screen!

We also have an option for a second knee with the dart plate removed for those of you building Death Watch Mandalorian costumes.

The part itself is approx. 10cm tall & weighs approx. 275g. 

Preparation & Notes

  • We recommend contact cement, barge or similar adhesives when working with the urethane rubber to attach your closure straps etc.
  • We strongly recommend this surface be cleaned thoroughly with dishwashing detergent and hot water before use.
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