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Mandalorian Hand Plates

Mandalorian Hand Plates

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Lovingly hand-made, our resin Mandalorian hand plates feature accurate detailing and a recess on the rear for Velcro alignment. The plates are provided unpainted cast in black polyurethane resin (Shore 70D - hard plastic) however several degrees of finishing can be applied at additional cost.

These resin hand plates have been designed to the highest level of detail possible using all the latest available references using Solidworks 2019, the model was then printed in SLA resin and moulded in silicone for durability.

Self adhesive Velcro is included, compatible with the Velcro strips found on the Endor Finders Gloves. If attaching the opposing side to your own glove we recommend you stitch the patch to your glove as the adhesive alone is not sufficient for long term hold on on a leather or leather-like surface.


  • x2 Mandalorian Hand Plates
  • x2 50mm Heavy Duty Velcro Strips

Finish Options:

  • Unpainted
  • Painted but unweathered
  • Painted and weathered

For painted options, the handplate face is sprayed with the following paint from the Montana Gold series:

  • S9110 - Shock White Cream
  • G5030 - Bermuda

For weathering we stipple and apply a light coat of weathering solution to the surface and lightly abrade the high spots to reveal the black resin underneath, as per the original prop.

Please note: This product is custom made to order, therefore it will be subject to current custom order lead times.

Additionally, orders containing custom products will be shipped once the full order can be fulfilled. Please bear this in mind when ordering a combination of custom and in-stock items.

Gloves used in product images are Endor Finders and are not included as part of this listing!


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