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BOBF Metal Helmet Accessories Kit

BOBF Metal Helmet Accessories Kit

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Our Book of Boba Fett Ear set - produced in collaboration with Machinecraft Replicas - is a full metal accessories kit. Unlike previous offerings this kit features screen used Borden connectors. For the range finder ear housing we have worked tirelessly to match the modifications made by the production team for Book of Boba Fett.

Unlike the system used in the original trilogy this version makes use of high-power magnets to maintain the stalk position both up and down, for a secure and satisfying actuation. Coupled with our latest stalk design and a host of fixings this is sure to be a special addition to your own Book of Boba Fett helmet!

We have taken the hidden functional design further with the inclusion of a quick release system secured in place by the same magnets the stalk utilises. For storage this means your stalk can be removed in seconds and packed safely away avoiding the issue for those traveling or taking their helmets to an event fearful of damaging the helmet or range finder topper.

For the security conscious we have also included a more standard shoulder screw to permanently secure the range finder stalk if that is your preference. The kit will arrive unassembled, please follow the instructions on the magnet installation carefully as improper installation will cause the system not to work as intended.

Assembly Instructions:

 Kit Includes:

  • x1 Borden Connector
  • X1 Heat Set Decal
  • x1 Outer Ear
  • x1 Inner Ear
  • X1 V2 Stalk
  • x1 Mag Plate
  • x2 M3 Pins
  • x2 M3 CSK Screws (for the RF Housing side of the stalk)
  • x1 M4 pin
  • x1 M4 Shoulder Screw
  • x2 M2.5 Screws
  • x2 M2.5 Washers
  • X2 M2.5 Lock Nut
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