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BOBF Helmet Decal Set

BOBF Helmet Decal Set

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Our Book of Boba Fett Helmet Decals are printed with industrial UV Printers on film-free water slide backings.

This listing includes x2 Decal sets. There are a few spares of the smaller designs on the sheet in case you need to make a second or third attempt!

The pink film you see is the removable film, the design itself is black and white as it should be. follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: cut out the decal roughly.
  • Step 2: submerge the decal in water until it separates from the backing.
  • Step 3: apply a decal fixative to the part and slide the decal onto the part.
  • Step 4: use a brush or soft tool to push all the water from behind the decal.
  • Step 5: use a hot air gun or hairdryer over the film for 3-4 mins (if applying the parts to metal you can also place the parts in the oven at 100-120C or 210-250F for 10-20 mins).
  • Step 6: gently peal the translucent film from the decal and marvel at you application!
  • Step 7: seal with your preferred clear coat/lacquer as you would normally when finishing a decal.
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These are perfect and finished my Boba Fett perfectly!!! Instructions that make sense and a spare set is beyond handy!!!