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Aluminium Grav Charge Holster V3

Aluminium Grav Charge Holster V3

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Replica aluminium holster for grav charges, created for use as part of a Mandalorian costume. Full metal parts with screen accurate detail to take your costume to the next level!


  • Pre-Assembled.
  • Includes spring belt loops on the rear.
  • Slight accuracy increase on bend angles.
  • Slight reduction in front plate geometry.

Machined in aircraft grade 6061 aluminium this piece is designed to have your leatherwork formed over it (or designed to fit) and will accept grav charges 52mm x 10mm on the ribbed base.

The holster is designed to work with a 63.5mm (2.5") belt but will work comfortably with slightly smaller belts.

The Kit will arrive Pre-assembled but consists of:

  • X1 3mm Aluminium Holster Plate
  • X1 3mm Aluminium Front Holster Plate 
  • x1 0.5mm Carbon Steel Mag Plate 
  • X6 Countersunk M3 Hex Screws 
  • X6 Nylon Standoffs 
  • x2 Black Spring Steel Belt Loops 
  • x4 Countersunk Rivets 


  • Length: 175mm (6.89")
  • Height: 64mm (2.52")
  • Depth: 32mm (1.26")
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