Creative Engineering Services

Have an idea but unsure on how to fulfil it? one of our services may be perfect for your needs, over the years we have built a level of experience, expertise & production contacts and we are glad to offer out to those who need it.

Luke has over a decade in the engineering industry with an expertise in designing Plastic & Metal products for Manufacture, perhaps your flumoxed by fixings or unsure what tollerance you need, or you have no idea what tollerance is at all! We can help you navigate the space between creative endeavors and production level manufacturing weather that be short run prototypes with Silicone mold, right the way through to Metal tooled Injection Molding, we can support you and your vision through to production.


Design for Manufacture


We price this service based on what you need and what timescale you need it in, if your only looking for some guidance on some fixings then of course you wont expect to pay the same as somone who is looking for fully fledged design work and production adaptations prices range from £15/hr up to £30/hr depending on the work, a good example of this type of work would be if you provided an STL of your design and we redesigned the part in CAD to ensure the part is manufacturable (no undercuts or unmachinable features) we will work with you to help you understand the limitations of the intended process and advise on the best compromises available, as well as create 2D Drawings to ensure the final part is to spec.



CAD Design - Hard Surface


With this service we will design your vision from scratch using Mainly SOLIDWORKS or Fusion 360 depending on the model we will discuss which tool we will us to model your design, we can design for any end us weather that be FDM printing, SLA printing or CNC Machining & Vacuforming, as long as we understand the conditions you require we can design to almost any need, we define hard surfaces as geometric inorganic shapes, we do not openly offer organic surface design as we are not quite in a place we feel we can offer this efficiently enough to offer a service, we do however have several trusted contacts we can refer you to should your needs exceed our capabilities.


3D Printing - SLA, FDM, SLS


We also offer 3D printing services for those who need it we can print both SLA (Resin) and FDM (Extuded plastic) we also have partnerships with larger print houses to facilitate large scale SLA and SLS printing, price varies depending on the provided geometry, get in touch today to discuss your requirements

Our Machine list is below:

  • FormLabs Form2 SLA Printer (15/15/15cm)
  • Lulzbot TAZ 5 FDM Printer (28/28/28cm)

Partner Capabilities:

  • Large Scale SLA (50/50/50cm)
  • Large Scale SLS (75/50/50cm)


Metal Production Service


Our extencive network of partners allows us to support you to source competitive rates of manufacture for a number of fields leaveraging our years of experiance with the manufacturing industry, the list below is illustrative but we can help you define what kind of process will be best for your products, please bare in mind such services are truely on production scale so expect minimum order quanties of 30-50 units for competitive prices, smaller quantiies are possible but at a higher cost due to the economy of scale. we can also support you to convert your existing design so that it is suitable for mass production.

CNC Manufacturing

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Laser Cutting
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Sheet Metal Production
  • Sintered Metal Molding