Master Mandalorian 3D Files

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Hey guys! after some time and thought we are releasing our accessories set as a Digital download for those working on a more budget orientated Mandalorian kit!, included with this download is a discount equal to the price paid for this digital download for the Real Master Mandalorian Metal kit – To redeem this offer simply send us a message on the webstore quoting your order number and we will send the discount code out to you!, what your printing is an optimzied for print version of our maching data, this way you can pick and choose your upgrades down the line without fear of sizing issues with your leatherwork!

We put a lot of work into these small parts to bring the most accurate products we can to market, so we ask you to be respectful with our work and not to redistribute it.


  • 12 Page Instruction guide including required fixings & assembly notes
  • Bandolier_Cylinder
  • Calf_Cylinder
  • Grav_Charge_Base_Basic
  • Grav_Charge_Top_Basic
  • Grav_Holster
  • Knee_Dart
  • Front_Buckle_Plate
  • Rear_Plate
  • Sling_Clip_Base
  • Sling_Clip_Top

If you run a printing service and want to produce prints for folks or wish to sell them, we can discuss this by all means! Please get in touch! (

Good luck!

Luke & Karen