Grav Charge Kits

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Made to Order: 3-4 weeks
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Introducing the second version of our popular Grav Charges!

We took a pause to re-think production and we're now using injection molding (ABS plastic) to produce the main bodies and the brand new detailed base plate.

We've also updated our clear rings to now more faithfully replicate the originals - however please note that both the new rings and detailed bases are only available on our deluxe sets. For the more budget conscious builder worry not we are also offering a basic set which will still include an injection molded black ABS body but with the simpler clear base from our previous run and with no underside detail.

We'll be posting a detailed blog running through all of the changes, we expect a lead time of 4-6 weeks while we deal with the initial order backlog and intake with a hope to reduce this down to a 1-2 week lead time as we progress onto normal order volumes.


Basic Set x3

Basic Set x3

Deluxe Set x3

Deluxe Set x3



 DIY Kit


 img-8567-87255.1625151174.1280.1280.jpg  mangcbp2.jpg  img-8566-63945.1625153234.1280.1280.jpg  mangcdp.jpg
 £30  £40  £45  TBC (Estimated £55-60)


2-4 Weeks  2-4 Weeks 

PRE-ORDER - 2-4 Weeks

In final stages  

Awaiting professional paint quotes for detail base (proto shown)

Painted & Assembled 


Split Line Clear Base Detail


Detailed Base Plate


Future Electronics Compatability*



Every kit Finished or DIY includes parts for 3 Grav Charges, N52 Magnets, fully compatible with every version of Grav Charge Holster released to date.


  • Length: 51mm (2")
  • Height: 51mm (2")
  • Ring Depth: 10mm 
  • Depth: 33mm (1.3")