ELEVATE Helmet Stand


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NOTE - US CUSTOMERS PLEASE PURCHASE DIRECTLY from 626AM - https://626am.com/products/elevate-helmet-stand

Introducing our partners 626AM from the USA, 626AM have the same care and attention to detail on their product lines and we've worked with them to develop this revised product offering.
Expect the same excessive attention to detail and care sweating the small stuff, we'll have a blog up soon sharing our work on this beautiful product!

ELEVATE Helmet Stand is deceptively minimal, but don't let its clean aesthetic fool you! This is a museum-grade product, sturdy yet refined with a timeless powder coated matte black finish.

At just under 1.4kg (3lbs), the stand is a solid and stable platform with a bottom-heavy design for extra stability. An anti-skid pad ensuring the stand stays in place.

Our ELEVATE Helmet Stand is shipped disassembled and can be easily assembled with the included hex key. Its modular design allows for future expansion via additional shaft sections* and alternate tops.*


There are many helmet stands on the market and many that are considerably cheaper than ours. Most are made of wood with a lot of unnecessary detailing. We believe the item you place on the stand should be the focus, not the stand itself. A stand's purpose is to be strong, stable, and nearly invisible. We have designed our stand with clean lines, that speak to a minimalist’s sophistication and don't need to be ostentatious.

Most metal stands on the market are welded, made of bent bar-stock or cast iron. They either feel cheap or seem like something that belongs outdoors. Our stand is designed to be simple, modern, and purposeful but also modular to fit your needs.

*Sold separately

Learn more about the development of the original ELEVATE Helmet Stand by checking out 626AM's blog post on its development.

** Sizing note: Many customers have asked if a Darth Vader helmet will fit on our stands. To accommodate Vader's height, we recommend our 18" stand.