Cluster LED (Found Part)

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This listing is for the original found part from the Krayt Dragon detonator, as seen in The Mandalorian Season 2 Chapter 11. 

We have managed to secure a small stock of the original screen used LED's for folks making replicas of the detonator for an extra special level of detail.

As these are found parts, this component will be available only while stocks last.

Wiring information:

Colour Voltage LED Current Notes
RED +12V DC Red Cluster 120mA Used on Original Prop
BLACK -12V DC Red Cluster    
GREEN +2V DC Center Amber 20mA Not powered on original Prop
GREY -2V DC Center Amber    

We also sell this component as part of our fully assembled or kit form Krayt Dragon detonator electronics kit.

And if you're looking for a replica resin body or metal conversion kits for making this prop, we can help you out there too!