Captain Marvel Costume Rubber Details

JJ Industries

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Captain Marvel Costume Details are now available!

This is a very durable finish with a high lustre we'll be looking to offer these are sets as an upgrade. The parts are made from Easy Composites Ltd Xencast PX60 (a Polyurethane Rubber) with Black Dye & Smooth-On Cast Magic - Gold Finger powders. CLICK HERE for the silver versions for you Kree Starforce folks!

With the right needle, you can sew directly through these; a printable drawing is available for each part so can incorporate it into your patterns if you're making your own costume! as they are rubber, you can cut and glue them to change the scale & angle as required if you are retrofitting to your existing suit.

Higher, Further, Faster baby!

  • 8 Triangles (only need 6, 2 are spare)
  • 4 Arm details (2 per arm)
  • 2 Leg Details (1 Per Leg)

Items will typically take 3-5 days before Dispatch then shipped Via Royal mail Tracked & Signed