Returning the Magistrate's spear! - Seeking The Path Podcast appearance.

Returning the Magistrate's spear! - Seeking The Path Podcast appearance.

Posted by M. Short on 17th May 2021

Hello everyone, it's been a while!

Pardon our dust, but we're hoping to bring a lot more behind the scenes JJ Industries content to this blog in the future. For example we had an extremely cool experience recently so we thought we'd share it here!

We'd kept this under wraps for what felt like an eternity, but now we can finally announce; we are going to be returning the Beskar Spear to its rightful owner; Morgan Elsbeth -THE MAGISTRATE!

At the end of April we were kindly invited by Paul Kuhr to feature on a podcast (Seeking The Path) with Diana Lee Inosanto (AkA Morgan Elsbeth) and husband Ron Balicki (another titan of the screen and martial arts world). Along with Ron's co-hosts Cliff and Larry, we got to share the moment where Diana realised she would be getting her spear back and it was pure unbridled joy! Huge thanks to Paul for connecting us with Diana and allowing us the chance to get a spear into her hands. She was so generous with her time and so overwhelmingly supportive of our work, she is a true screen legend and we couldn't be more honoured to be sharing our passion with her.

We were not the only amazing makers involved in this podcast! Also featured, in an amazing collaborative project, was Jeremy Puckett from Solo Sabers, Jesse Kirkbride from Kyberphonic Fonts and Carlos Hernandez from Kessel Custom Sabers who all worked together to create an absolutely stunning Mandalorian themed Lightsaber for Diana.

We hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did!

Check out timestamps 24:05 for the Mandalorian Saber project, and 54:10 for our Beskar spear reveal!

This is the May!