Mandalorian Grav Charges - New and Improved!

Mandalorian Grav Charges - New and Improved!

Posted by L. Daley & M. Short on 20th Jul 2021

We know that plenty of you have been chomping at the bit to get hold of our grav charges, and we're pleased to announce that after a few months of re-development they are re-launching! We’ve made several changes to improve quality, durability and accuracy, so we're going to cover all the changes here with some additional behind-the-scenes info for those who enjoy a peek behind the development curtain.

The biggest change is that we are moving from a cast resin system to injection molding. So far to date we have produced around 600 grav charges using our previous resin casting process. During this time we have gone through around 30 molds and the rejection rate was high - deformed shape, excessive bubbles, degraded mold, etc. As you can see when a mold has reach the end of it’s life it is well and truly ready for retirement!

One of our grav charge body molds, ready for retirement to the farm.

With our new grav charge version we have migrated from using silicone and resin to industrial injection molded parts, which means by comparison we will get more useable parts than we could ever possibly want. There is a high investment cost up front but in return we get perfectly accurate parts every single time.

Our shiny new injection molded grav charge base tool.

We have a manufacturing partner who supports us with the tooling and injection molding process itself as we don’t have the facilities to produce that level of tooling in-house. In Luke's other world - AkA his day job! - he designs injection moulded products for the industrial sector and that experience has proven invaluable to ensure the designs produce results exactly as he intends them to be.

The other added bonus is the wall thickness is now only 2mm which will help with future developments!

Our initial plans after developing injection molded bodies were to simply cast the detail bases in resin along with the rest of the parts and we’d have been ready to go! But after having seen the precision and perfection of the grav charge bodies we went all in and tooled the detail base plate for injection molding also. A big piece of the puzzle in the back end of our work is engineering drawings, used to communicate with the suppliers. This is something you guys typically don’t get to see but it gives you an idea of the level of work involved in this kind of production:

In these drawings we specify all the major critical tolerances and sizes from our 3D data - in this case the master was designed in Solidworks 2021 the industry standard CAD package for engineers globally.

And the end result of those hours of work ?

Injection molded detail base plate - available on our deluxe grav charge kits.

Overall we’re absolutely thrilled with the output from these two tools!

Next up was the redevelopment on the clear ring. For more budget minded folks we are continuing to produce the original fully clear bases but for those with a desire for accuracy we are offering a brand new base ring to go with the new detailed base plate which has also been improved and updated to be more accurate. We’ve tried a few different combinations to replicate the details and we feel this is the most authentic to date. The challenge was to produce such a small ring that featured the even smaller marks/layer lines we see in some of the HD reference images:

We’ve managed to replicate that quite well we feel! These rings will remain cast resin along with the red grav charge lenses.

So, put it all together and we have produced one beautiful offering even if we do say so ourselves! Without any further ado, some glamour shots of our new deluxe, finished and painted grav charge offerings:

We know that plenty of you are after electronics for these bad boys. In the background we are slowly working towards an electronics core offering but for now we leave that up to you - just know we are aiming to blow some minds (and holes into TIE Fighters??) when we do launch our electronics package!

The paint on the detail base for now is a prototype applied by Luke but we are in talks to offer this as a fully finished kit for a number of units (launch to be announced):

If you'd like to secure yourself a set of our new and improved grav charges, you can find all the purchasing info over on our webstore right here - Basic/Deluxe Grav Charge Kits.

If you've any questions about our grav charges (or anything else!) please don't hesitate to fire us a message, and if you're hungry for information and updates about grav charge electronics kits or painted deluxe bases, we keep our social media pages fully updated so as soon as we know, you'll know! Hit us up and give us a follow over on Facebook and Instagram to keep your fingers on the JJ pulse.

Until next time!

- Luke & Team JJ Industries