Maker Focus: Le Chatelier Costumes

Maker Focus: Le Chatelier Costumes

Posted by Luke Daley on 6th Mar 2019

Antoine Inspects a range of his Under tunics before Dispatch

We Wanted to start a series focusing on some of the Fantastic makers from the Costume Community, we reached out to all the wonderful makers who use our fabrics and we'll be featuring more down the road, they wont all be related to items available here so if you have anyone in mind you feel would be a great fit then send them my way!

First and foremost we will focus on the makers within the Kylo Ren community!

First up kicking it off we have Antoine of Le Chatelier Costumes France thanks so much for contributing to the wider community!

JJ: Hi Antoine Thanks for agreeing to be our first Maker Focus!

Can you tell folks a little about when yourself & when did you start making Costumes?

As far as I remember, I have always loved to create costumes! I started to work very young on movie sets in France and I was lucky enough to meet to right people.

In the early 2000, I joined a small SW fan group that became the 501st French Garrison few years later! I’m an official proud member of the Legion since 2005!

JJ: When did you first find about about Kylo & what draws you to the character?

The first time I heard about Kylo was May 2015. Celebration Anaheim just ended and everybody in the community was sharing the (in)famous picture of Kylo’s costume (the one with inverted buckle!). I was in Paris, just wrapping up a job for a commercial that needed a lot of props sculpted. We had extra material that I used to mold my first helmet during my breaks. I found the cheeks design very intriguing. Then I made a resin cast that ended as deco in the workshop.

JJ: At what point did you decide to make Kylo costumes available to the community?

When I started to get a lot of requests! Someone contacted me through FB because he saw a picture my sculpture and wanted a replica. Soon a second person and a third… It started just with the helmet, I didn’t want make the tunic because of the pleating…no way I was doing it again! If I had known…

JJ: What is the trickiest part of making the costume?

The trickiest is to offer tailored costumes! When your customer can stop by the workshop for fittings, it’s convenient for us. But when you work for a 501st fellow who lives on the other side of the world, you better be sure you got the right measurements. We’re spending a lot of time to adjust each pieces/parts. Since last year, we also offer a special service for the sleeves: All our Knight customers receive a sleeve preform and a kit to adjust it. It’s a fitting from home and like that our sleeves are perfect, every single time!

JJ: To date approximately how many Kylo's have you Clothed :

An entire army! We have a ton of requests because we’re offering the full costume (but the boots). It’s advantageous because people can get it all at once from the same place. I would say we clothed about 40 Knights from head to toes. If you add all the soft parts- or the belt- or helmet only orders… then it’s many more.

JJ: When did you first find Our Basketweave Fabric?

Through Knights of Ren I assume. I have a lot of different suppliers but it was kinda hard to find a good basketweave reference. I had one that was somehow ok but fast forgotten once I got my hands on the JJ. I still have some samples of each version, preciously kept in a notebook. I love fabric.

JJ: Is their anything special about your process you'd like to share with the community?

We often get a "why did you put a magnet in the hood lining?" email once our customers receive their costume. Well, it’s to maintain the hood on the helmet! Not everyone thinks about it but it’s a very useful trick! We often use rare earth magnet

for that kind of things in costume design. It’s fast, easy and reliable if you chose strong enough ones.

JJ: How long does it typically take you to make a Kylo?

It takes 2 weeks max for the full costume. The key is that we offer people to pay by installments. Most of our customers choose this option and we usually have a couple of month to make their costume, no rush! But when someone pays at once, he/she can get the costume quite fast!

JJ: How long have you been a member of Knights Of Ren?

From the early beginning of the adventure! Here a priceless picture to prove it! 

The group is amazing. I bonded with many members. I think I could spend a year travelling around the world hosted by the friends i made through this group… USA, Japan, England, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium and France of course…

JJ: Where can people find you if they are interested in a commission?

The easiest way to reach us, our historical email. You can find us also on Facebook and we just launched our Etsy shop. We’re still working on it but please have a look. Otherwise, if you’re in Paris, come to see us at the workshop!

« Et voilà ! »

Thanks Luke for the interview and thanks to the readers.


Luke: Thank you Antoine!, thanks readers for joining us on this new adventure drop us a message if you have a maker you'd love to learn more from!

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