Mandalorian Calf Form (Rubber) - B Grade

JJ Industries

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Introducing our Mandalorian left leg form made from urethane rubber.

This form is designed to provide a permanently screen accurate shape which includes the textured band seen on the original Mandalorian costume.
All the details will remain firmly in place, no matter how many bounties you hunt down!

The forms are produced in durable Shore 85 A Rubber (shoe heel equivalent) and will fit a calf up to 45cm around the widest point.
Slightly larger measurements can be accommodated but there will be a gap which would need to be bridged with extra leather.
For smaller sizes simply cut down equally on both edges of the form to fit.

This design was undertaken by us at JJ Industries with some support from Great Ape Studio for the textured area.

The part itself is approx. 29cm tall - however when finished the leather will hang below making the total length longer once complete.
The rubber itself is approx. 3mm thick, and the part weighs approx. 400g.

Please note:
This listing is for B-grade shin forms which may have some minor flaws such as gaps, holes & thin sections. however the items should be entirely workable by the time it;s covered in leather if you are unsure get in touch or Please check this listing for our A grade shin forms.

We will only be listing stock of B-grade shins should we end up with any during the casting process, however if you have your heart set on a B-grade you can sign up for email notifications when we list new stock.


Leg form can also be used as a stress toy...