Cobb Vanth - Jetpack Topper (Digital File)

JJ Industries

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Please note: This listing is for a digital file for customers to download and use to print the part for their own personal builds. Please bear this in mind when ordering!

"I'm sure you call the shots where you come from..."

Introducing our first digital file release for The Mandalorian Season 2 - a jetpack topper for Cobb Vanth AKA the Marshal. This digital file will give you all you need to augment an existing jetpack to adapt for a Cobb Vanth Marshal build!

The file includes a red notched ring on the top of the jetpack and we recommend measuring the diameter of your current topper and scale this file for printing as appropriate. 

We put a lot of work into these small parts to bring the most accurate products we can to market, so we ask you to be respectful with our work and not to redistribute it.

If you run a printing service and want to produce prints for others or wish to sell prints of our files, we can discuss this by all means, please get in touch!

Good luck!

Luke & Karen