Beskar Spear Aluminium

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Expected release date is between March & April 2nd Apr 2021

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Introducing our Beskar Spear this Solid Aluminium Is made from 6061-T4 Grade Aluminium, weighs approx 2KG and clocks in at 2 Meters Tall, breaking down into three sections no larger than 850mm M8 Steel Rods (Zinc Plated) will be provided to join the sections and the spear tip is also threaded and can be removed, we will look to offer rubber tips down the line but as spares rather than alternatives, to thank those who choose to support us early we are offering a discount for pre-orders with a view to increase the price after release.

  • Pre-Order Discount Pricing - £140 (Until Mid-Feb 2021)
  • Normal Price - £160

The Heel plate/disc is made from wear-resistant Stainless Steel (Zinc Plated), we've opted for this coating for the heel plate and the tie rods to minimise any Galvanic corrosion that could occour between the dissimilar metals, we will be making a small number (30-40) available as spares in the webstore for around £8-9 should you wish to spend your time smacking the spear off the ground to make it sing ....

Each spear will come with it's own custom Fabric Carry Case.


The dispatch forecast is approximately the mid-end of February with the wind behind us! but we will know better once we have the sample in hand and production commences fully., pricing is based on a fully Tracked Insured Shipment

if you are interested in Bundling multiple spears for an order to reduce shipping to your location get in touch.




Due to our Customer base being predominantly in the US & Europe & the unusual size & weight our shipping price for this item is fixed based on estimates to those locations only, please Contact Us for a Shipping discount or simply place your order and we will Refund you £25 of the Shipping fee after your purchase.