TLJ KR Saber Clip

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Version 1.0 Kylo Ren TLJ Saber Clips

This version based on the Marketing & Release Images of kylo ren's new Saber Clip Attachment, which is smaller with no lugs & a taller track, it is still 100% compatible with TFA clips and the saber side design remains unchanged

72mm x 40mm

- Disney Parks Kylo Saber Compatibility
- Drop-in Upgrade path from PHProps TLJ Clip
- Full compatibility maintained with my V1/V2 (TFA) Saber Clip System (same saber side clip)

 Designed for 4.5 Inch Belts 

- Further Picture of Parts:
- Fitting Instructions:
- Conversion guide for fitting to an FX Saber

Shipped Tracked Via Royal Mail Tracked & Signed Globally Flat Rate (Included in the Price)



x1 Base Plate
x1 T-Slot Track
x1 Brass Saber Clip
x1 6mm Spacer
x4 9mm Black Rivets
x4 M3 x Various lengths for clip assembly
x7 M3 Washers (x3 for FX Conversion)

This will not fit the FX saber without a small modification (needs an additional hole as the FX spacing is too short


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